May 03, 2007

Final Thoughts on the Vintage Stamp set

Some final thoughts before I shut the lid on my vintage stamp set and finish with this project, onto some other more fun ones. (Plus, I'm sick of restoring this set today, the musty smell is getting to me..even though it still needs more cleaning.)

....a couple of other things I noticed about this set, Note the periods(.) on the letter stamps? I thought now why would someone add the periods? Then I realized it was to help with letters like n. and u.; q., b. and possibly p.; and numbers like 6. and 9. Such brilliance in 1929. Also this is a better close-up of the detail on the arithmatic symbols.

I conditioned the wood case with a lemon oil and before returning the stamps I lined the rows with puffy shelf liner (which I sprayed with cucumber scented closet spray ). I hope this helps get rid of the musty's in the box now. The liner covered up the ink stains on the wood beneath the stampers. I might even papermask the inside of the box cover some other time when I get really ambitious. Obviously I am fascinated with all stamps in general.

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chelemom said...

How cool are these! What a find! Can't wait to see what you create with them!

doverdi said...

I have the exact same stamp set that I picked up a few years ago at a sale at my local library. I think I paid something like 50 cents for it. Haven't done anything with it yet but it's in excellent condition. Mine came in a cardboard box without all the print on it. I haven't used it yet but like a lot of things it ends up in the forgotten stash box. Thanks for the reminder to pull it out. lol


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