May 28, 2007

Recipe Cards ~long~ NOVEL - if you make it to the end you get a big hug!!

Grab a cup of Joe this could be long (for some reason my smilies are not working, bleh, oh well I'm over it, update, I figured it out,

ok so I was having a low tech moment, not a good thing to have when you're a technical writer by profession ).

Plus my photos are still blurry . My photography took a powder. I went from being photographer extraordinaire to an amateur. I don't know, the light was bad, I was trying to zoom??? I guess it's gonna have to do. I really like how the cards turned out though and I want to make more.

Just playing with my Crafty Secrets stamps again! Trying to create a template for a set of recipe cards that I want to make for gifts, getting all of the dimensions, stamps, etc... that I want to use. The pics are really blurry. I will need to retake/repost tomorrow. I am trying to create a folded recipe card using Kraft paper (one of my favorites). I used the slit punch and embellished it with a flower cut out and glued onto the tab (to the right of the word "Ingredients" on the card). I also created the lines digitally with my computer in MSWord (page was set up for 2 column's and I designed/inserted a table to match the lines and empty corner space I wanted, one table in each column) and printed it onto Kraft card stock. I was going to use the lined card stamp from SU "What's for Dinner" set but the card is only one length of lines. Even using the stampin ma-jig I had a hard time masking/lining up the second set of lines for the double length card. The first picture is the "open" full view. The second picture is the "closed" view with the tab holding it shut. Tomorrow I am going to do the whole thing over hopefully with the stamped images a little cleaner and the colors/cuts/scores all worked out. I just love recipe cards. I made a matching set cards with the SU "What's for Dinner" set last year and they turned out really cute. I don't have any to post because I gave most of them away as gifts. ~cheers!


This project took way longer than it should have, but I didn't mind because it was fun and I was stampin'. But, I won't be mass producing these anytime soon.



I ended up masking and stamping the recipe card image from SU "What's for Dinner" set vs. mixed media using my printer because I wanted the border edge from the set. Anyway, I masked/stamped on a piece of white paper and printed onto very vanilla card stock. I printed from my printer because I wanted 2 to a page and I wasn't going to mask/stamp two. It took me forever. So I printed one from the copier and flipped the cardstock and printed again giving me two images per piece of cardstock. The printer didn't like Kraft paper so I had to switch to a lighter weight SU very vanilla. Leaving room for the Crafty Secrets top border image from the "kitchen classics" set. I used SU square punches for the corner image, the slit punch for the top slit. I used SU bravo burgundy for the matte.


Follows is my second "after" image using the little bread basket from the Crafty Secrets "kitchen classic" set. The steam from the bread is from a very old (I think 1993) retired SU set "love bakes". I masked the bread in order to use the steam stamp. I thought that was soooooooo cute. The "love bakes" set from SU is on foam mounting blocks still. There are so many images in that set that I want to use. So be on the look out. I just snagged that set off of ebay.


I thought the faux hook stamp was perfect for an embellishment on the slit tab. I stamped the image onto the closed card. Perfect. Still blurry

On the back of the card I stamped "made by" to initial it when finished.

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