September 16, 2007

Entre' the Confessional

Seriously I have a problem.

I just HAD to order the GHIA nestibles (ok so that's not spelled right but that's what I call it) set from over at Ellen Hutson store over the weekend

AND of course then there was the dreaded Papertey Inks NEW RELEASES of which I ordered THREE items, Believe, Holiday Treats and the clear boxes...

WHAT ELSE LET ME I think that's it

EDITED TO ADD: I was in an internet shopping coma I DID forget something I also purchased a Janome Sew Mini from Hancock fabrics, it was on sale and I did get FREE SHIPPING, I had to have one in case I needed it....argargarg and it's Amy's and texasjodylynn's (aka ribbon and glitter addict) fault. Big enabler's thems dare what they are. hehe

but that's enough!!! That's enough confessing. I'm over it. Insert evil laugh here. ut_a_a...



Michelle said...

But think of how much FUN you'll have! The new PaperTrey releases are great!

SpAzzGiRL said...

I don't NEED anything either but I still managed to buy like 12 savvy stamps over the weekend, three of them were cupcakes, did I really need 3 cupcakes?! lol
(it's a sickness I tell ya!)

SweetMissDaisy (Anna Wight) said...

Ohhh girly... ;) you'd better add that little sewing machine to your purchase list! You're going to LOVE it!!! =)

Felicia said...

Sounds like some wonderful treasures on the way to you :)


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