September 13, 2007

Mystery Blog Candy Hint & Niceness Award!

Why you ask am I publishing this photo of the Crafty Secrets crew from the Scrapbook Expo...AGAIN! Well I have a couple of good reasons... FIRST and foremost because I wanted to personally thank Sandy and Vicki (I hope you guys don't mind me saying so) for being the bestest customer service peeps in the country. They get the "Niceness Award" for the week. I have had a teeny tiny (and I mean tiny) wee bit of trouble with some of my Crafty Secrets images. I swore it was user error but did they accept that for an answer? NOPE they generously exchanged the sets I was having trouble with no question! So hands down Crafty Secrets is the nicest company to work with ever. They didn't have to do that but they went the extra mile to make sure that the customer's are happy. I just wanted to shout out a thanks and let them know my new stamps have arrived. I love the Crafty Secrets stamps and have so much fun with them. They always throw in a little sumpin sumpin too. and that leads me to my next item of buziness.... this post is my little hint as promised for what some of the blog candy might look like.... hhhhmmm wonder what it might be?


Sharon in NE said...

OH! If you're giving away Vic, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pick me!!!

chelemom said...

Can't wait to see what the candy is! I LOVE Crafty Secrets!!!!


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