September 05, 2007

A Muse Addicts Group

I took Linda (over at A Muse) up on her suggestion to check out the A Muse Addicts Yahoo group. They have weekly challenges that are fun with no deadlines for posting!! Yeah! Here are the group guidelines:

You're set to connect with your group, so drop by soon.
Be sure to check out all the simple (and free) ways to communicate, share, and discover:

* You choose when and how to stay in touch (Now that's what I'm talking about)
* Swap photos, files, polls, calendars, links, and more with members
* Quickly scan new postings and browse detailed message archives
* Plus enjoy many more ways to show and tell - 24/7

OPERATIVE WORDS: simple, discover, choices, ENJOY!

So if you're looking for an easygoing weekly challenge check out the A Muse Yahoo Group.

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