September 23, 2007


I'm so excited my collage is finished. I have to say this was really fun learning new techniques and working with mixed media. This is my first collage for art that I have tried. I have done some collages in the past for an illustrated discovery journal that I worked on but never for a piece of art. I was disappointed because I couldn't get my white pen to work and it is kind of poor quality. But it could look like I meant it to be that way too. Hey its art right? The final steps since my last post are: Smudge, magazine, stamp, scratch, text, 3-D, write, surprise. I really like how it all came together. The magazine piece that I chose to use was text that read "suddenly there was a range of answers beyond the usual; and "a party for two" I affixed that with glue and then rubbed it as instructed. I stamped some lovebirds and doodles. I scratched it with sand paper. Then while I was adding my 3-D elements which ended up being raised stickers on dimensionals and a puffy heart sticker that has a pearl on it. I put the miniature heart sticker on over the cherubs heart so it looks like the angel was watching over the couples love. Anyway, then I was supposed to "write" and ironically the saying "don't cast your pearls before swine" just popped into my head so I decided to use it as my surprise element. It surprised me because it just popped into my head. I thought it was extremely funny how the different sentiments fed off of each other in random quirky way. Totally unplanned. Get it? I can't explain it very well but if you read the words, "suddenly there was a range of answers beyond the usual" and then the words around the frame are all lovey dovey, the piece itself is supposed to be about love, dreams, guardian angels navigating your future etc and then randomly on the side it says "don't cast your pearls before swine" see the pearl on the heart by the cherub? Plus they are out on the water and it says "don't CAST your pearls before swine" pun intended. So it's like laugh, dream, wish upon a star, calm serene yadayada but watch out for the swine. ROFL. I crack myself up. I hope you enjoy it. Besides the fact that the piece ended up making me laugh I DO think it's pretty and swapworthy. ~enjoy

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Julie said...

It's REALLY fantastic!!!! I mean it...really great!!

Oh- got a new tip from a mixed media artist on a white pen... Sharpie makes paint pens. I ordered them from should check them out! I won't use anything else's great on all surfaces.

Thank you so much for playing along in my swap!

Tami said...

What an amazing piece. I love the beauty and sweet image with the irony of the words. Very cool. Can't wait to hang it up. So happy to be your swap partner on this one.

Vicki C said...

OH MY GOODNESS that is BEAUTIFUL! truly gorgeous!!!


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