September 05, 2007

Dugger 17

Does anyone else think that the Dugger Family (Discovery Health Special) working on their 17th child is a bit of a freak show? I SORRY but I'm thinking a case of narcissism is in play here. Please 17 children give me a break. I know it's a free country. Ok yeah you go Dugger. I'm just sayin'. I think it's really really selfish. IMHO. Make them stop. To each his own I guess.


Julie said...

YES! I really do! Did she fix her teeth yet? (Ok....I know...see you in hell.)

SpAzzGiRL said...

(waving hand wildly in the air) Me! Me! They are a total freak show, everytime I see them I think...why??
(I thought I was the only one!)


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