September 09, 2007

Paint, Paper, Ink, Chalk, Photo, Charcoal ~ Mission complete~

This is the Mission:Collage work in progress, we will use 18 techniques total. So stay tuned for the updated collage. This is my collage up to now. I have incorporated the first six techniques of the collage. It is turning out surprisingly well (surpising me as this isn't my normal mo). This photo does not do it justice. It is much lighter (the colors are almost transparent even in the picture), on the pastel side and really pretty IRL.

EDITED TO ADD: I have been a real motor mouth today. I have been adding and tweaking my posts all day long. I wanted to add the I used "burnt umber" Palette ink for the journal script. I just love the words "burnt umber". To me if you can say you used "burnt umber" in your art it means you've arrived and you really are an artist. hehe. Call me crazy but I just had to use the words "burnt umber" in a sentence today because I've been in my happy place all day. I'm a rock star , I've used "burnt umber" in a sentence. p.s. and in a piece of art too!! See tweak tweak that's all I do anymore.

Technique 1, Paint: Crackle paint background paper, a few Crafty Secrets cherubs wing images for background on top of the crackle.

Technique 2, Paper: I used a journal script stamp from Crafty Secrets to act like "writing on paper", plus the whole thing is paper.

Technique 3, Ink: Check

Technique 4, Chalk: SU chalk in the blush shade

Technique 5, Photo: facsimile of photo, center image of the piece

Technique 6, Charcoal: I burnt the edges (for real with a match and then blew it out) of the photo to create "real" charcoal. I also used a charcoal chalk around the edge of the sq card

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Julie said...

It's excellent!!! Yeah!!

My Paper World said...

Wow! this is really beautiful!

Ijsbeer said...

Very nice. Love the image

michelle g. said...

It's really beautiful! You are too funny with the 'burnt umber'/'real artist' usage -but I totally get you on that one!!!

Hazel said...

Hi Liz, isn't this a fun swap! I really love your piece, it's so soft and ethereal. Great stuff!

Tami said...

Oh, this is soooo pretty. I just finished my collages last night. Please stop by my blog and let me know which you prefer, since we are swap partners on this one. Can't wait to see more of your collage.


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