September 15, 2007

Drumroll please.....

I have to say that I have had soooo much fun doing my first blog candy. I hope everyone likes the little package I put together. Of course holding true to my namesake I had to include a little sumpin' of "All Things Prissy" i.e. a little sumpin' of Paper, Ribbons, Inks, Stampin' and Scrapin'. Don't ya think? I also decided to include fall themed/colored items since it is that time of year.

Blog candy contents include: PAPER: An assortment of Crafty Secrets double sided designer card stock (Earthy and Radiant), RIBBON: 3 yards of orange and black polka dotted ribbon, 72 yards (1 package, 6 full spools) of Martha Stewart baker's twine ribbon in the new harvest colors, INK: 1 SU mini black ink spot (which is a favorite of mine, yes I am parting with one ;D), STAMPIN': a mini set of Crafty Secrets Bird Notes, and SCRAPIN' an assortment of Crafty Secrets vintage page title images and 2 packages of eyelets (25 ea color) in fall colors also.
Here's how I chose. I printed out all of the comments and cut each one up separately.

All of the comments were so interesting and there were some very good ideas for future holiday traditions. Most of you thought I should keep the cow theme. Which got me to thinking maybe I will keep it for one of my cards...but just change it up a little.

Then I folded them up and put them all in a little bowl. I know so lo-tech of me, no random number generator or anything.
I especially liked the suggestion from Karen Gladney over at Karen's Kreations.

She says: "I think you should keep your cow theme going as that is what people are used to getting and can pick them out right away and know they are from you. Great cards btw. Maybe dress your cows up like reindeer and have them pulling a sleigh. That would be cute. Then you could say Happy Mooomas. Corny isn't it. Nice to have traditions like that. Keep it.. Tks for the mystery blog candy."

Even though she thought it was a corny idea, I thought it was a good corny (hehe) and a great idea. I never thought of dressing cows up like reindeer or penguin for that matter. So I think I am going to design something with cows in it for one of my designs this year. As I said in a previous post usually I have approx 4 different cards that I send out (I can never decide on just one, of course). So maybe one will include a cow somehow. I can't wait to design something.

And the winner is... Karen Gladney. Yep I picked her name. It was super ironic too because as I was reading through the comments before I printed hard copy and cutting them up for selection, every time I went to read them over these past few days, my eyes kept going to her comment on my blog first. So when I drew her name in hard copy, I thought to myself it was meant to be. Maybe it just falls along those lines that what you focus on you attract. Congratulations Karen! Send me an email with your snail mail addy and I will ship this right out to you.

Thanks to everyone who participated.


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