September 09, 2007

Blog Admin

Just finished up with some blog admin stuff. I couldn't believe how many of my previous posts weren't labeled!! Anyway, I just labeled most of my posts, added some new label categories, published some drafting posts (which for some reason were draft? when I thought they had been posted). Lot's of time investment involved with these blogs. I love it but it's hard to keep it up sometimes. Ok so this now goes into whining? Maybe yadayada? Off to do fun stuff now, like STAMP. EDITED TO ADD: I almost forgot... I removed the "Stamping Top 50" widget counter. For me it was completely worthless. It kept losing count and then I would have to re-install it. I would then lose my chronology and place in line. I thought it would have been fun to see if I ever reached the top 50. But I doubt if I will ever get that thing to work.

I also added a link list...linking to the challenges and swaps that I am currently in. I will update it as these change.

I also need to create a "watermark". I just got photoshop and haven't done my watermark yet but plan on doing one. I wonder if I have to retroactively mark my photos? Yikes, I see more blog admin in my future.

I have also added more Prissy Pals to my blog roll. Check out the new list, if you see your name there feel free to add me to your blog roll as well. I am going to add more eventually listing all of the blogs from my reader. So if you are not in the list and would like to be added please email me and I will update it immediately for you. Also, if you are not on my list never fear it's a work in process and I just haven't gotten around to it yet.

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