September 09, 2007

Ghosts of Christmas past & BLOG CANDY!

Hee isn't the title to my blog funny? Being that it's actually closer to Halloween than Christmas. But my post is about Christmas Ghosts (play on words intentional) Ok so I crack myself up...but if I don't who will? Scroll all the way to the end to see the BLOG CANDY DETE'S

Wow I am getting a lot of blogging done today! I was just thinking about Holiday cards and traditions past.
Originally from the midwest and lived in Wisconsin for a bit. And I had to have a theme for my holidays. My Christmas card theme used to be cows and every year my cards had to have a cow on it. I don't know why? We never had cows. But I guess it was because I lived in the country and I loved cows. So every year I would search for the "Lang" holiday cow card printed by The Lang company...

Anyway, This was before I discovered stamping and I still purchased my cards every year.

Since I moved west and to an entirely different lifestyle i.e. urban, city, beach. A Cow theme just didn't seem relevant anymore. Silly me.

As I was making holiday cards this weekend it brought me down memory lane and I remembered my cow cards that I used to just love. In fact I still look for them every year.

Borders carried the newest Lang boxed set cow card this last year. Was it ever cute too. The image with the little girl at the barn door with the calf , puppy and the wreath was last years. I almost bought it "just because" but thought that was silly since I have all this stuff to make my own.

These are a few screen shots of cards I sent out years past to give you an idea of what I mean when I say the cards had to have at least one cow in it. See the one card with the calf peaking his head out from behind the pine tree? If I was lucky it had a snowman and a cow on the card.

Anyway, I've yet to pick a new "theme" for my annual holiday card since moving. I've thought of something with "palm trees", "flip flops" etc but it just doesn't seem the same being that I am used to snow. In fact I am surprised that snowmen weren't my theme I love them almost as much as cows.

What are some of your ghosts of Christmas past (i.e traditions)? and/or What theme should I use now for my annual holiday card? Leave a comment answering one of these questions by Friday Sep 14, 2007, on my blog and I will randomly pick a winner from all of the comments. Out some blog candy will go to the winner. It's gonna be a secret what it is but it will be sooper nice whatever it is. I will post hints all week letting you know what it is. Guess what? This is my first ever BLOG CANDY giveaway. Wow!!!

Here's is a mini collage with the rest of cards from Christmas past:

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Angel Wilde said...

I like your Cow theme. I think you should bring it back to life with cow stamps! I can't think of many Christmas traditions here except I put a picture of my kids in my cards every year. Can't wait to get hints on the candy!

Pat S. said...

I like your cow theme too.
How about, for this year, use a cow wearing flip flops?

Thanks for offering your mystery candy!

CAKVD said...

The cow theme is so cool!! (I'm from Wisconsin, where cows are a-plenty!!) A cow by a palm tree would be awesome. Or a cow at the beach! Our Christmas tradition is that all 17 of us take turns opening our gifts so that everyone can see what everyone else got. Some years it takes us like 3 hours to open gifts, but the kids learn patience that way!!
Cheryl KVD

doverdi said...

What theme should I use now for my annual holiday card? A tradition is a tradition in my opinion. If cows are your tradition and everyone looks forward to the new year cow card, then I'd stick with it. Maybe add some sunshine to your cow cards or something 'beach' like.

If you want something new, the penquins at the beach or in the pool are cute & so are Polar Bears.

Can't wait to see what you chose.

Melanie aka Batgirl said...

I love penguins soooo have a penguin theme lol.

WE always slept around the Christmas tree :) and now I let me kids do it :)

jodene said...

Since I am from Canada and live in the country. I love the cow theme. I would move on to a different animal each year. Deer, chickens, dogs ect. Are biggest tradition is to decorate our house with lights. We start in October. I just love all the lights in the country. Thanks for the chance.

Kathy W said...

Love your cow theme. Having lived in Oregon all my life, my Christmas traditions have a tree theme...especially going out and cutting your own. So many memories tied up in this with multiple senses...hard for me to relate to a Christmas theme with palm about maybe something indoors like a kitchen/baking theme if you do that. Personally, I'd bring back the cows. I think they are awesome. Thanks for the chance to play in your contest.

Kathi B said...

That cow theme is so fun. I may have to start some kind of card tradition too.

My ghost of Christmas past is a funny memory. My grandfather had ordered a bunch of that GLH spray on hair stuff. It was on infomercials way back when. Well the other side of my family thought it was funny so I brought some to our Christmas Eve celebration for some strange reason. My brother basically had a crew cut and blond hair and we sprayed his head with this dark colored spray. It even made him look like there was some volume to his hair. It was the most hair we have ever seen on his head and we still laugh about it to this day.

Thanks for offering up the candy. I can't wait to see what it is.

Linda SS said...

I love those cow cards and if I were on your Christmas card list I'd feel cheated if I didn't get my annual cow card from you. How about a photo card this year where your family is all wearing t-shirts, shorts, or beach wear in cow fabric?

lois lane said...

Sometimes I miss boughten Christmas cards. I always enjoyed picking out the perfect card. But I also enjoy making them and alot of people have told me that they save my handmade cards because they enjoy them so much. What a compliment. Anyway, my tradition is we don't open gifts on Christmas morn until my husbands parents and brother and wife get to our house, which is hard for me and the kids because his brother is always late and we don't like to have to wait!!!!

Sharon in NE said...

Love your past cards. I drive past cows all the time. :D
Our tradition is taking a walk at midnight 12-24, no matter what the weather. It started when the kids were little, looking for Santa's sleigh and now that they are 16 and 20, we still make those midnight walks. (Even in the northeast Nebraska winter)

Karen Gladney said...

I think you should keep your cow theme going as that is what people are used to getting and can pick them out right away and know they are from you. Great cards btw.

Maybe dress your cows up like reindeer and have them pulling a sleigh. That would be cute. Then you could say Happy Mooomas. Corny isn't it.

Nice to have traditions like that. Keep it..

Tks for the mystery blog candy.

Suzy said...

I don't have a theme except maybe chaos lol! I never like to make the same card twice and haven't yet done it except for an ATC swap I am in. We are not Catholic but our Christmas tradition each year is to go to Midnight Mass at a very old and beautiful Cathedral here. It is so beautiful to walk in the dead silence of the street, cold and snowing until we enter through those huge doors and feel the warmth and love.

scfranson said...

Wonderful blog! How about doing a theme of Christmas on the beach.

Ijsbeer said...

The cow cards are really cool.

I love Santa's. We call them "nisser" in Norway and they look a little different than Santa Claus but they diffintly rule the christmas cards. Something like this:

Birds do well in Norway too. A typical card looks like this: And there is snow in most Christmas cards in Norway!

I think the most important is choosing something you enjoy. For me christmas is all about spreading joy. People send us so many different cards. For me at least its getting the card that matters more than whats on it:) Although I keep the pretty/cool/funny ones:)

I love polar bears so one day everyone is getting polar bear cards. Hehe.

As for tradtions we have so many I could write for hours. But I'll spare you;) If you want to hear what Christmas is like in Norway feel free to ask:)

Have a great week!

Betty said...

Love the cow theme!!!! Thanks for offering some blog candy!

janet allen said...

The cow cards were great. If you want to change to a more beachy theme now, you could go with a whale or flamingo and start making them yourself each year. Just put a die-cut santa claus hat on your theme one year, a wreath around their neck the next year, etc. They could still look Christmas'y and have a new & fun look to your cards.

~missprissme said...

Wow just checking in and wanted to leave a quick note to all the participants. All of your comments are soooo cool. Thanks for your participation. Stay tuned for sneak peaks to the blog candy giveaway later this week.

Amie said...

So funny about all the cows! Stick with it, girl! Thanks for the blog candy offer--Amie

melissa roth said...

I always send a photo card of my daughter, but nothing as cute as those cows. As long as you still like cows, I'd keep the theme.

Anonymous said...

i Love the cow theme too. I guess being a Ranchers wife has something to do with that LOL. I'm usually not a fan of big pictures on cards, but your look lovely and I seriously think that the cows look great!.


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