November 06, 2007

Creative block?

I have attempted a card using the Thoroughly Thankful set forever now. I have attempted to design anything using this set. I stamped the largest image and colored it in 3x's to no avail. Now I thought I would use it to join in on the fun with this challenge over at Anna's blog. Well I never. I don't have anything to show you just yet but I am working on it. I hope to have something I like one of these years. I just h2h this set. I actually got it off of ebay because it was no longer available in the catalog through SU. Now they have since brought it back. Back to the point of my post. Do you ever have that happen where you just seem to lose your mojo? Watercoloring is not as easy as it looks either. Don't have to to take pics tonight but I will be posting my rejects soon.

1 comment:

SweetMissDaisy (Anna Wight) said...

Come on girly!!! I'm waitin'! =)


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