November 19, 2007


This is the cat that my daughter in LA adopted from the streets. He was just running around all alone. Anyway, he reminded her of a pumpkin so she named him punke for short. He really is the nicest cat in the whole world. He did not have an attitudinal problem in this picture he was actually just falling asleep and I caught him with his eyes just closing. He was up on top of her refrigerator inside one of her vision boxes that she made. Sort of a collage mixed media art looking project. He actually had to take the lid off the end to get into it. I guess he feels he's going to be a part of any of her future dreams so he got into it. I took this picture of him up there. Cats crack me up but I am allergic to them so I can look but not touch. He's cool because his eyes match his coat exactly. He is all gold. EDITED TO ADD: IS THAT IRONIC OR WHAT THE THOUGHT FOR THE DAY ABOVE USED A PUNKE CAT FOR IT'S PICTURE!!

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michelle g. said...

Orange cats are some of the nicest cats around! This one is a cutie with the gold on gold color combo he's got going on!


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