November 08, 2007


Ok this is just gonna be a short blab. Why do I have to have entire sets of things? I just got the "complete"

and the "bonus pak"

of these.

Why? you ask. Good question!!. Now if I could just learn how to watercolor. Seriously, I just got a wee promo and pay increase and I have had these on my wish list for 2 years. So I decided to treat myself. Yay. But now that they arrived I was thinking Why DO I have to have entire sets of things?


Jan Scholl said...

omg-these are the coolest especially to tuck in your purse with some images to color here and there. and they last forever. I got mine 4 years ago. and split the pages in half with daughter and still I roll.

SpAzzGiRL said...

I have these too, the complete set and they are awesome. Bought them like 7 years ago and they still are amazing.
I think the complete set adds to the value of my collection! LOL

Julie said...

What are those?

Anonymous said...

i don't know, but when you figure it out let me in on the secret cuz i'm exactly the same way! maybe it's a part of my A.R.???

btw, i've been eyeballing those myself. can't wait to see what you do with them!


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