November 28, 2007

Warning - Weak stomaches need not look further - sore foot alert!!

Ok this post is seriously in bad taste. I admit that. However I do have family and friends long distance who read my blog and I told them I needed to show them a picture of my foot of which I am not sure if I broke it or not. Normally I would not post something like this as it is WAY TMI. So look away now if you are queasy it ain't pretty folks. As a side note it is becoming well established in my circle of just how clumsy I truly am. Ok so this picture to follow is just more evidence for the case I am building against myself regarding clumsiness. The night before yes just last night I almost drowned in the pool literally without taking a single stroke. How does someone DO THAT you ask? HOW? Do not know. I lost my balance in the pool in a medium aka water where you are supposed to be bouyant???? Nope not so much. But that folks is another story for the blog of which I will not go into tonight. Trust me it was ridiculous. Drown in a pool and you haven't left the dock whatever. Without further ado....drum roll....sad eyes....pity party assembled, check....OH a little sidenote pray tell did I manage this feat (pun intended)? The irony of it all.....I dropped a bowflex attachment in a freak sort of way on my foot while trying to hide it in my closet when I was having unexpected company...YES FOLKS YOU HEARD THAT RIGHT DEATH BY BOWFLEX.....IRONIC I SAY...OH one more side note of much more importance than the bruising....note the color coordinated toe nails in fall colors AND the pretty little sunflower I designed on my toe. ISNT IT CUTE I EMBELLISHED MY TOE HAHAHAHAHAHA. To all a good night =D


michelle g. said...

Could you please stop putting scary picures on your blog? I said cute christmas picture to make up for the scary doll!!!!

But seriously, OMG your poor foot! I am not too surprized, but please go get that foot x-rayed!!!!I hope it feels better than it looks-ice it, please!

But, your toenails look pretty, like the flower!

Jackie said...

That makes my foot hurt just to look at it! Ouch! I agree with Michelle - please get an X-Ray and put some ice on it. Love the toenails, nice job :-)

Allison said...

Yikes! I did something similar in the summer (bruised the top of my foot but not with a bowflex attachment) hurt like a micky-ficky but it wasn't broken. I showed everyone though since it was hideous!


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