November 21, 2007


Ok maybe it won't be the TIP of the CENTURY however, I think it borders on rock star status. First a little chatter about tools. I got to thinking the other day what is my favorite tool? I have so many, and I have favorites for different reasons. How about you? I like the reverse pressure tweezers because they are my third hand when I need one. I love the square shaped glue sticks. I mean it's the little things that make schtuff so fun, right? Of course, there is the stamp-a-ma-jig. Ok so what if the local card club I go to renamed it the Liz-a-ma-jig. Yes true story. That ought to be an indication of how much I LOVE the Liz-a-ma-jig oh I mean stamp-a-ma-jig. Now this is the perfect segway into my TIP OF THE CENTURY. I always like to keep the plastic sheets that comes with the stamp-a-ma-jig clean. Sometimes I forget and use the permanent stazon-type inks on the plastic sheets. Normally, most ink will come clean off of the plastic with windex or soap and water. However, it doesn't touch the permanent stazon-type inks. Did you know that HAIRSPRAY cuts through the stazon type inks and with a follow-up of windex or soap and water to remove the sticky residue your stamp-a-ma-ji sheets will be clean as new? Hairspray also cleans off sharpie marker type ink so if you ever have little accidents on walls or what have you with a sharpie try hairspray. I learned this tip back when I taught grade school. Little known fact about me...didn't know I used to teach school.... did ya? Actually I was a full-time substitute teacher for six years for grades K-6 while my children were in grade school. I covered for all of the full time teachers vacation and sick days. I hope you find my tip handy. Now off to buy the ingredients for the T-DAY fixins'

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Erika H. said...

Hey...thanks so much for the tip! Have a great day!


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