November 27, 2007


There I said it. As Dr. Phil says... you can't change what you don't acknowledge??? NOOOOOOOO....Pack rats build complex nests of paper, ribbon, ink, stamps and scraps er oh I meant .....twigs, called "middens", often incorporating staples er oh I meant....cactus. Nests often create small oh I meant are built in small caves, but frequently also in the attics and walls of houses (exactly).

One question? Does that surprise ANY of the other paper crafters out there? OMG one thing always leads to another when it comes to cleaning and organizing and for some reason around this time of year simple due to the holiday change out of Tday to Christmas my DH and I always end up cleaning out the garage. What's up with that? I just needed to whine and we all know how missprissme LOVES to whine. Thanks. There was another reason for this post of which has escaped me now but I will come back and edit when I recall exactly what it was that I was thinking about. Now back to the dust....

1 comment:

michelle g. said...

I hear ya! From one horder to another -wanna go to the stamp store? I hear there is a sale on paper and sparkly things?!? ;)


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