November 17, 2007

Mojo's Back

Prissy Alert!! Just a quick upload for now. We're having company over today, my nephews, so I gtg run to the store. I want to do pull apart pork sandwich's, cole slaw and corn on the cob for dinner and I need to get the roast early enough in the day so I can use my crockpot. Plus, I have errands to run. My LSS called and the white sharpie marker I had on order is in. Isn't that fun. I love getting a call from the LSS sure beats it being a call from oh say the radiologist?? Ok I'll get over it, I'm not going to worry, nope, I'm not. SOOOO I also want to look for some iridescent looking white paper. Of course I do! This card is on silver iridescent scrapbook paper 12x12. It's so pretty. Then I went to look for some white in the same texture and nope don't have it. Go figure. Once again with allllll the supplies I hoard you would think I had some white iridescent in the house. Cracks me up. This card turned out so nice and once again is much prettier IRL. I used a mixture of stamps. Mr. Owlie is from Technique Tuesday (I finally was able to use that Dog and Pony Show set that I got at the scrap convention this summer). I bought it for the rooster and the sentiments. I thought the sentiments were unique. The swirly branch is from CRAFTY SECRETS the Cherubs set one of my all time favorite company's but alas don't get to stamp as often as I would like to or there would be a ton more made with CS sets. See the swirly I used for the branch? I just love turning swirly's into branches. I think it's my signature design *tip. I do it so much since I invented it. =D. Then the background snow is of course Stampin Up woohoo. Everything else is SU too, the ink, diamond dust, markers I used mellow moss for the green. Oh and A Muse creative candy red dots. I gtget more of those I am running out. I have soooo many card designs for the Christmas Holidays coming up I'll never get them all done. Anyway, this is really much prettier IRL I am not much of a photographer so oh well. ~enjoy and HAPPY SATURDAY. I think it needs a ribbon. EDITED TO ADD: In my haste to take a picture because I liked how this card turned out so much I forgot to stamp the sentiment on it. hahahaha. I am going to stamp it in the lower right hand corner. Stay tuned.....


michelle g. said...

Gorgeous!!! I totally love it -I love the swirly tree branch floating in the snow with red sparklies! Also the snow and snow hills look really cool.

chelemom said...

I love how this turned out!!! Love the tree branch too, so clever!

SpAzzGiRL said...

Love the branch, I was wondering who invented that! LOL

Margot Potter said...

Oh that's adorable!

Great work! We're all thinking good thoughts.


Emilia said...

This is wonderful! I love the stamp!


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