November 21, 2007

Mammo Update

This should probably more likely be the tip of the century....did you know if breast cancer is caught early it is 100% curable. Yep that's right 100%. Wow. I really hate to keep harping on my happy place blog about this crap but I might as well finish with my updates and then I promise I won't mention it AGAIN. I seriously know it is bordering on TMI. I think I am OK. I mean they came in the room and said I was finished. The last two times the doctor came in and asked me for more tests. This time the technician left the room to show the doctor my films and came back and said I could go. So I don't know if that meant the doctor has read the films and it's ok you can go or that ok you can go for now and we'll call you once the doctor has read the films? Of course I am so frazzled when I am in there, I don't think fast on my feet, all reason escapes me and I just leave with that deer in the headlights look on my face. SO I decided NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS and I am going to assume that I'M GOOD FOR ANOTHER YEAR unless I hear otherwise. Thanks everyone for being there for me and your kind comments of support. They really really help. Now I really have something to be thankful for tomorrow and I am going to toast to good health for sure!!!!


Margot Potter said...

Mon cher

I believe you are clear...and I'm going to keep believing that until further notice.



Kim Hughes said...

so happy to hear this news. :)
(((huge hugs))))


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