November 16, 2007

Microcalcifications? Whatever

Y'all know how I love to whine so here goes...



Calcifications are tiny flecks of calcium — like grains of salt — in the soft tissue of the breast that can sometimes indicate the presence of an early breast cancer. Calcifications usually can't be felt, but they appear on a mammogram. Depending on how they're clustered and their shape, size, and number, your doctor may want to do further tests. Big calcifications — "macrocalcifications" — are usually not associated with cancer. Groups of small calcifications huddled together, called "clusters of microcalcifications," are associated with extra breast cell activity. Most of the time this is non-cancerous extra cell growth, but sometimes clusters of microcalcifications can occur in areas of early cancer.

and so off we go for another magnification mammo this time. They want to take a closer look see. OF COURSE THEY DO.


Kim Hughes said...

sending LOTS of positive vibes your way.

Julie said...

What a mess....good luck!

SpAzzGiRL said...

oh goodness...the waiting would be killing me...good thoughts coming your way!

Margot Potter said...

Okay we are thinking good will be fine. Several of my gal pals have been through this recently, hang in there.



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