November 08, 2007

Ultra sound update

In case anyone cares my breast ultrasound (US) signified further testing required ....bleh...stay tuned...Ok that was the short version. As you all know I did my due diligence and got my mammogram for October seems how it was awareness month. So ONE THING ALWAYS LEADS TO ANOTHER WITH THOSE WITCH (pattern? witch doctor witch fire) DOCTORS. I needed a breast diagnostic US to follow up the mammo findings. They never used the word suspicious in my mammo report which apparently was a good thing. Well they aren't going to read my US report until they get my prior mammo pics which haven't arrived yet. A comparison is in order of the two mammo's plus the US. Then they will be able to give me next steps.

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Margot Potter said...

Hey Sweetie

I've been distracted and I hadn't gotten back here lately and I'm so sorry.

This is tough stuff. I am thinking good thoughts and hoping it's okay. You have friends out here and we care a lot.



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