November 20, 2007

I get a little mad scientistesque....Wanna peak into my messy art studio?

I thought this would be fun.... look at my mess after an afternoon of playing in my art studio. ROFL. I have the week off and just look at how many posts I get in when I have time. But look at this mess. WHOA. I obviously need a bigger space. It's not that big of a surface area to work. hehe. But I do love what I have. Side note: I have my follow up mammogram tomorrow. Why did I schedule it the day before T-day? Am I crazy? I figured it doesn't matter, just get it over with. It shouldn't be too bad it's at 10:30, I hope I don't have a panic attack again in the car on the way over. Well ok so it wasn't a full on panic attack, but it felt like it. Maybe I am a bit of a drama queen at times. Who knew? That's the lightshade in the upper left corner of the picture. It looks like part of the picture got cropped funny.


Emilia said...

cool! the mess brought a lot of good works

Kim Hughes said...

I LOVE it!!


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