December 27, 2007

Cards Cards Cards

I've decided to post a collage (click on the collage image to zoom in) of all of the cards I've sent out this year. There are just too many to post individually. But first a thought... Ya know I've noticed as I am sure everyone else has too that cards appear to be a fading tradition. I normally send approximately 40 +- cards each holiday season. I even feel this is a low number as I've known people that send out a hundred plus. But anyway for me that seems to be my rolodex. The past couple of years I have received approx. 12 cards give or take a few. It's not that I am "hinting" for more cards and I certainly don't give cards just to receive more cards back. I enjoy sending cards, ok I love sending cards out. I was just thinking how I send out cards faithfully every year even to those who don't return the cheer. Not only do I send them I MAKE them all individually by hand. A lot of thought goes into my cards obviously. So I guess it just hurts me a bit when I run to the mailbox during the holidays and there is a market mailer but no cards. I might as well have a lump of coal in there. Well you all know I like to whine so I guess I couldn't get through the holidays without at least one little bitty whine. OMG I just noticed it's 2 a.m. I got lost in my art studio once again!!! Yes, I was finishing up a few late cards (ok better late than NEVER). Believe it or not it IS still the holiday season and doesn't end until January 6th (Three kings day and also the 12th day of Christmas) So technically I am not late. Anyway, what's up with the fading tradition of exchanging cards? I know email and the internet has something to do with it but I think we should revolt.

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Chrissie said...

I have to agree with you. I sent out about 50 cards each year, all hand made, with a Christmas newsletter and a family photo, and I have noticed that the number of cards I get in return is shrinking. I LOVE making cards and I agree that it is sad that people's busy lives stop them from sharing in this special card. I will continue to do so!


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