December 15, 2007

Tis the season!

Isn't it crazy busy this time of year and I haven't even gotten anything done really!! I am going to have something to post soon. We had open scrap night at my house last night and the prissy pals stopped over. All 2 of them. hehe. Allison doesn't have a blog so I linked to the Elf post if you want to see her again. Fun was had by all and we pulled a really late night. The pals got a lot of stuff accomplished. Me... not so much... I talked more than I stamped. But it was just fun to have everyone over. I had a blast I hope they did. I think a couple of us were just toast from the week. I, for one, felt a bit addle brained. Geesh the spirit is soooooooo willing but the flesh is weak at times and more than not anymore. Anyway, I am wrapping up the one card I started last night for a today post. oooohhh it is using the sketch challenge that Anna suggested a couple of days ago, it's been a fun one to copy and share with everyone (CASE). I've copied it now... I just have to get it shared. I will also have a few pics of the open scrap night to share (not many but just enough to show everyone). SIDE NOTE: It might be the impromptu trip to the ER that threw a wrench in completing my projects today, YA THINK? The hubby is resting comfortably over at the ER so that put a crimp in the days crafting plans. He decided to manufacture yet another kidney stone, poor baby. I am just waiting for the call to either bring him a clean set of clothes or to pick him up. They were doing a CAT scan when I left and he was napping. We live 5 mins from the hospital so I decided to wait here instead of there (hospitals are so stinky and germy ya know). At any rate I am on call. Plus I needed to emboss some more images to bring with me for my bedside vigil. I colored all of the ones I had brought the first time. That's so fun to past the time with images and a handful of markers. Now if I could just figure out how to bring glitter along and some glue. Although I have to say I failed glitter 101 last night. Um come to think of it I failed embossing 101 last night tooooo. I was worthless. But I did make up for it today so stay tuned for the final project it's so pretty. Two hints figgy and cardinal.... now wakeup...zzzzzzz.....I know you're sleeping what with just my jibberjabber and not graphics or pics or anything....zzzzzzz.....zzzzzz

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