December 30, 2007

Out with the Old~~

I think it's appropriate since we're closing out a year and going into a new one.... to clean out my closets. I always get in the mood to clean this time of year? I read on another blog recently, can't remember which one, she was saying that she spring cleans this time of yr more so than in the spring. I have always been this way too. This yr is certainly no different I have already purged magazines, things in the cabinets in the kitchen, old coats from the front hall closet and all the mess in the garage. EDITED TO ADD: I even had my hair cut short by my daughter, she calls it the disconnect?!? I call it the "too much patron (platinum tequila) gap". I also found myself scrounging around my closet and the first thing I knew it was going into a major overhaul. I've been meaning to do this for sometime (and my family has been asking me to also, why?? it's none of their business, right?) anyway, so maybe it's just because I have some time off right now or whatever but I just feel like it. Wanna see my mess?

This is all going to goodwill. You can't tell by this pic but this pile is at least 4 feet higher than the laundry basket it sits in and spilling out, as you can see, onto the floor. It is clothes that don't fit, shoes, old purses...sometimes I don't even know why I hang onto this stuff for soooooo long. I decided, as I was purging all of this junk, that if it doesn't make me feel fabulous when I put it on, IT'S GOING IN THE PILE... I also figured that if I haven't worn in in at least a's going out. Well, that could probably be my entire wardrobe because I hardly own anything that makes me feel fabulous. This is going to change THIS YEAR and it's going to the top of my New Year's Resolution list. If something I wear doesn't make me feel fabulous I AIN'T WEARIN' it. Ok so I admit I am a bit of a fashion emergency (well maybe more than a bit) so this might be a tall order. But I will TRY anyway ALLISON A. can you help me and be my fashion stylist? My friend Allison at work knows how to put herself together on a dime. Every time I see her I ask her to go shopping with me because she knows how to pull an outfit together at any size. Ok now that I think about it, my resolution might be too tall an order because I am miserable at this. Oh well I can always make and break them that's what we do. hehe. I am going to make a complete resolution list... I just wanted to share some of my New Year activities that I have started to do. I swear getting new shelves has been a pandora's box of sorts because it started a series of other space clearing activity. I guess that is a good thing. I still have to take the tree down and I am already into cleaning. I'm a bit of adadadadhd if I do say so myself. =D

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