December 03, 2007

Other updates...

As long as I am at it. I am sure everyone is quite asleep right now and unsubscribing as we speak but I finally got my final mammogram report back from the clinic. I got a letter in the mail and it said that they would like to recheck in six months just to verify stability. I'm ok with that because that means that everything it ok right now and not to worry. I don't mind the follow-up because breast cancer is 100% curable if caught early. I like those odds and intend on assisting with keeping those on my side. So I will schedule another one dutifully in six months YAYAYAYAYAY. I am sooooo happy I heard good news.

~missprissme - now go on out there girls and get yours done if you haven't already done so - it's not scary at all and it doesn't hurt. Just go out in the garage, place breast on concrete and practice with the garage door (using the garage door opener). You'll be just fine. ROFL


Vicki C said...

OUCH..that hurt!

Glad all is well!

SpAzzGiRL said...

Glad to hear all is well!


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