December 28, 2007

Nice Blogger of the Day Award!

Up close and personal and the kindness of strangers....Ok... as we all know... pretty much everybody in this crazy creative community of ours is GREAT! It's so weird (in a good way) how close you can feel to complete and total strangers through the internet and this blogoland that we live in. It's so virtual but real at the same time. You feel like you know people and in way we do. We know a lot about each other via the blogs. By this time I think EVERYONE "knows" Kurtis over at "Stampin Kub's" blog. Well I love his blog, style and so of course, he is in my reader. I always get updates right when they become available. I don't want to miss anything don't ya' know. I especially love his male perspective on creativity and his clean simple universal style. His designs can work for anyone. Well I had a simple request today about his blog and I emailed him. I asked him if he could fix his images so that when you click on them they can popup and magnify. I have a hard time seeing stuff at normal size because I wear glasses and I'm farsighted. So even with my glasses on I have a hard time seeing close up stuff (the strength has increased annually as a tech writer and with all the time I am on these computers yadayadya) Anyway, he got right on it and he emailed me back that he was able to figure it out and has now installed the plug in to make it work. I just wanted to thank him for taking the time out of his day to help me out. Now I can see his nice things up close. Thanks Kurtis and I hope you don't mind I used your photo from your blog to showcase you today. Go on over and check it out. Click on the pictures on his blog because they magnify now. ;D

~now go be a great day


Stampin' Kub said...

I'm so glad you emailed me because I've wanted to do that for a while but never took the time to do it.

So thanks for helping make my blog a better place!

Sharon in NE said...

Good call, Liz. You're a very nice blogger. ;)

Vicki C said...

Oh... Off to check it out!


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