December 23, 2007

The Stash!

Yes I say the STASH.... I've broke into my stash. I only have 21 of the 40 some odd cards I was going to send out finished so BLASPHEME.... I actually broke into my cards of Christmas past and am going to send those out. Whenever I have gone to card club or made cards I always save one card from the batch for my card sample files. A sort of card catalog if you will. Well there is not one last Christmas card in my sample catalog I had to break into it and use them IRL. No fear though because I took pictures and lucky blogoland will get to see them in upcoming posts. Plus I figure if I ever want to recreate it I can use my blog for a virtual card catalog. YAY. So for now here's one of them. I have approx. 20 more. hehe. They are all very simple cards.


Jackie said...

That's so pretty!!

Sharon in NE said...

Someone is a lucky recipient to get this one!


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