December 05, 2007

Your stomach shouldn't be a waste basket

I think it is so funny that today's quote is Your Stomach Shouldn't be a Waste Basket after I just got over the stomach virus. See it's stalking me... Maybe it links up through keywords because it's too ironic that it keeps cycling topics that are 100% related to my recent posts? It's scary how much a computer "acts" like it's a real living breathing entity. I swear there really are aliens. Freaky. NEWay it appears from the evidence that it wasn't food poisoning although it acted like food poisoning because there were others at work that had the exact same thing I had and even did end up at urgent care. I tell ya it was that nasty. I thought for sure I would die. It lasts about 4 days. The doctor's said this was the stomach virus going around. I went back to work 1 day too early too because I was sure salty that first day back. I snapped at the first half dozen or so persons that even dared show their face in my pod that morning. It wadn't purty. The first guy that came in says sarcastically to me, "good morning sunshine" I leered back at him and said GET OUT just GET OUT OF MY POD. In my best linda blair voice ever? Then the next person asked me for help and when I tried to help this person she went into a weird female-ish insecure reaction and clammed up and didn't want my help but continued to try and waste my time so I cut the tutorial short and said in a VERY curt tone... you know where I sit, if you still want my help, come and get me...then I turned heal and walked out all while signing the peace out sign with my fingers (yes it really was peace out and not a bird symbol). OMG it didn't level out until 1ish in the afternoon. I should have just stayed home. But today I was 100% I cannot tell you how good that felt. I woke up this a.m. and it literally was night and day. So I spent the better part of today apologizing for my bad self yesterday. Even though I really had fun with it because I actually enjoy being a @#^$% now. I just do. I think it's a finely honed art form and acquired taste and skill and everybody loves it soooo much. It goes right along with my joy of whining. hehe ;D HEY it's my right as a woman of substance and I own it. The whole point to my post? I picked up a new tempurpedicish mattress pad (costco) and I can't wait to try it out. I wake up every morning just about in severe pain. I don't know what it is but it sure hurts a lot so I am going to give this a try and I am crossing my fingers I will get a good nights sleep tonight. I'll let you know. Maybe I should post something about winning the lottery? How's that for a key word. OH I might delete the post about evil doll because one of my prissy pals had a nightmare after reading my blog and she hates evil doll. I had to laugh. It sure has been a unfortunate week. Maybe she has a point. I'm deleting it now. doodoodoodoododoo insert twilight zone music here.

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