December 03, 2007

I'm a Rock Star?


Woohoo I'm back up. I only had cross words with one tech support guy. Why is it they want to charge you a contract fee for every minor question asked? OMG people get your heads out of your arses and THINK. That's all I want. Is that asking too much? Seriously. One simple little word THINK. Ok.... I'm over it with a Capitol "O". I could go on and on but I won't. I just wanted to update blogoland and let y'all in on the good news bad news. Good news I am up and running smoother than ever, bad news I am sure I lost something in translation. Oh well oopsie. I had backed up everything last month when my computer first started running slow and I knew something was up??? GUESS WHAT can't find the picture back up CDs. I threw them somewhere in haste and in the ditch and dash of the fires, cleaning out the garage and office, seasonal change out YEPPER they are missing. OMG I hope they weren't thrown out in a stack of papers or some such. I went through every last CD in this house and I can't find them. That was another chore and a half. Sometimes I think my life is in a perpetual state of MESS. I'm really really weally a very organized person but if you looked at my house you would say errrr NOT. It is so maddening to say the least but sometimes I feel like I am shoveling snow and it's still snowing in my mess. The problem is I've downsized and although the residence was a bit of a downsize the contents weren't. I thought I did but I guess not. I do digress. The whole point to this post was to get back on track. I completely wiped out my hard drive and did a fresh reinstall of everything. OF course it takes days. All the drivers weren't recognized and of course one of those was the network driver. Which meant no internet, which meant no downloads to correct said problem. I also had no video or audio drivers? What's up with that I had all of my original CDs? ack it's maddening. Love em hate em type of thing with these wonders (computers). Some things I forgot to backup? My Outlook .pst folder NICE, a few key folders on my desktop HELLO ALL OF MY BLOGGING STAMPING STUFF. Ya know what... maybe I need a fresh start. I don't have 1000 emails in my inbox I need to sort through. I had a lot of emails with pertinent logon/passwords saved in folders. Oh well again. It will take some more tweaking to set all of the configs again and download all of the most current updates to my programs. But yay I've got the bulk of it done. Now back to work tomorrow. I took today off as an addtional day of recoup. I was still a bit weak with the "greens". I told you I like to whine. See?



Lizzie (your niece duh) said...

Auntie Liz, you are silly..just buy a new computer like WE do lol!!!

love, lizzie

~missprissme said...

Funny Lizzie VERY FUNNY


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