December 16, 2007

Christmas Cardinal Love

I had quite a nice intro post but just deleted it when pasteing a smiley. I need some zzzzz's outta here. Basically just said some more cardinal love for ya'. 30 down 10 togo (Christmas cards overall)


lame closeup...maybe there's an digital SLR with flash and zoom in my future? Santa?

And a not so happy footnote: Hoping the hubby makes it through the night without throwing a stone. Sorry to combine such diabolically opposite topics in one post. ;(... after the ER this afternoon it appears he is passing 4 stones in the right kidney and 1 in the left. Holy shit I am going to start naming 'em...they say it's as close to childbirth as a man can if that is the case I guess you could say he's gonna have quints. Now to come up with five names.... anyone? hehe


Allison said...

This looks terrific!

michelle g. said...

I love this card, it is so pretty -and even prettier in person!


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