December 28, 2007


I don't know why I read things that depress me and Martha surely doesn't NEED any press but did you know freakin Martha has a blog NOW?? Maybe I am in the dark ages and everyone already knew this and it's no news flash to anyone but me (ok she is now in my reader I'm a glutton for punishment). But check out her HOLIDAY PARTY. OMG. Martha and I have always had a love hate relationship.... I love her but hate her all at the same time. My favorite picture is below... where her guests are in her library...oh heck...that's probably just a hallway...I am sure her REAL library is bigger than congress. If you click on the pic it will take you to the post on Martha's blog. Don't they all look so happy? Clones.

I just assembled my own library wall so I was kinda of impressed with myself. It doesn't of course measure up to MARTHA but hey kindredspiritish for sure. A picture of my "library" (ok IKEA, secrets out..I'm sure Martha's onsite carpenter MADE hers from trees felled on her property) coughcough follows... my DH got for my Christmas present and had it all assembled and stocked by Christmas Eve day. I love it and was soooo happy... I've been wanting libraryesc shelves like forever. It's really beautiful and fit all of my things perfectly. I actually wouldn't mind have one more unit to add to it. SIDENOTE: My DH is also building me a new stamp shelf. I can't wait until it's finished I will post it as soon as it is all done. He is re-purposing a wood futon frame for a mini stamp shelf. I think it will be quite ingenious and can't wait to show it. Back to the shelves. The pic doesn't show it but these are actually 4 wide you can only see three of them. It's 2 double-wide units to total a look of 4. I would have linked to it at IKEA but it is a new item at the store and it wasn't on the web yet. Be it ever so humble....


Stampin Kub said...

I'm not a huge Martha fan either, but I love her ribbon. Also look forward to your new stamp shelves


michelle g. said...

I know, I feel the same way. However, she helped me this Christmas with some FANTASTIC ideas and recipes, which I will post when I get my act together ;)

But ditto on your post MissPriss!


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